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The Best Party Games Around Easy How-To Instructions for Inside and Outside Parties

Are you hosting a party?

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We have a large collection of really fun games for any party categorized for your convenience.

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Games and Activities for Every Party

Games and activities makes any party fun whether it is with friends or family or both.

Team competitions or outdoor lawn games as relays. Individual parlor games. Birthday parties and weddings. Activities for kids and adults. You will find what you need among the categories.

Easy How To Play Descriptions

All games have clear and easy to understand instructions. We explain how to play the games and list what you need to play them.

Many games can be played using things most have around the house. If you need to buy something we make sure to recommend something we like ourselves and link to where you can find it.

We want you to find what you need as quickly as possible.

Games to Play Individually and in Teams

The party games can be played individually or in teams. Many are competitions but some are just for laughs. More than a few games can be adapted for team play or relays. If there are variations we clearly describe these and suggest different ways to play.

We hope you find what you need. May your party be awesome!

Mixed Topics

See below for a mix of games and related topics.