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17 Fun Easter Games for Kids and Adults Both New Easter Games and Classic Poplar Games

Hi, and welcome to our category of fun and entertaining Easter games. Here you will find a mix of games that are Easter-themed.

There are, for example, some really fun egg games that are nice and entertaining to play for kids and adults alike. Some Easter games work best outdoor, and some can be played both indoors and inside.

A lot around Easter involves the kids having fun, and therefore you will find that many games are very kids friendly. Even though adults, of course, can participate too.

You will find both fast-paced and low-key Easter games in our game collection and even some parlor games.

What kind of games do you play around Easter?

Preferably some Easter-themed games that involve eggs, candy, or the Easter bunny.

Popular games are Egg hunts, egg relays like the Egg and Spoon Game, and the Easter Dice Game.