Games for Your Party

31 Fun Halloween Games Game Ideas for Both Kids and Adults

A happy pumpkin on a box with leaves and smaller pumpkins scattered about. The pumpkin is waiting for some fun Halloween Party Games.

These are our favorites of all fun Halloween games.

Games with easy instructions of how to play and lists of what you’ll need.

Quite simply everything you need to plan games and activities for your Halloween party.

There are games that are perfect to play outside around your neighborhood or in your own backyard. Even scary games that can make adults jump!

Some games are best played inside and some are low-key ones everyone can participate in.

Many are Halloween games for kids but they often have grown up versions that make them fun Halloween games for adults too.

We try to always have fun suggestions and ideas of how to play the games in different styles. Many games have unique variations and some are new Halloween games we’ve made up ourselves. All to make it easy for you to choose what fits your guests and party the best.

Happy Halloween!