Games for Your Party

43 Fun Outdoor Games For Children and Adults Alike

Red and green bocce balls on grass.

On this page we’ve collected our favorite outdoor games and activities.

Relays, team competitions and games you can combine into a Pentathlon.

They are easy for everyone to join in, kids and adults alike.

For some of the games you’ll need outdoor toys or balls or other items to play. But many just need things most have around the house.

These yard games are the perfect things to do outside when the grill is heating up at a barbecue. They work great as an ice breaker when guests are arriving for a party, too. Our favorite is to play some lawn games outside in the backyard between dinner and dessert.

We have the classics such as Sack Race and Egg on a Spoon Race. There’s also new favorites such as Jelly Candy Spit and Kubb Tower Building.

If you want tricky games for adults you can play word and guessing games such as Summer Song. But don’t forget that adults like silly games too!

Elderly that can’t play themselves can still have a lot of fun watching their friends and loved ones compete. Lawn games are a lot of fun even if you don’t play yourself. Watching and cheering while sipping on something cool in the sun sure makes for a nice party too.

We really hope you find the games you need for your party!

Have fun!