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10 Fun Wedding Games Ideas for Your Reception Enjoyable Activities For Bride and Groom and the Guests

Wedding reception where the guests are raising their glasses for a toast.

Hi, and welcome to my category filled with fun games for weddings.

Here you will find game ideas and activities for all kinds of weddings, whether big, small, or budget.

Wedding games often involve the newlywed couple in different variations and sometimes the guests. In addition, the guests often vary in ages so prepare games that will be fun for everybody - kids, the elderly, and of course, the bride and groom.

I will provide you with new wedding game ideas as well as more classic and popular ones. There are low-key table games mixed with paper and pen games and fast-paced activities.

Also, many of the wedding games work fantastic indoors as well as outdoors.

What Kind of Wedding Reception Games Do the Bride and Groom Like?

If the couple enjoys fun and silly activities, they will probably enjoy it on their big day too. However, if you know they want a more traditional wedding, you should follow their wish and arrange more classical wedding games.

When Do You Play Games at a Wedding?

Games are often played during the wedding reception. They can, for example, serve as icebreakers for the guests before the newlyweds arrive. However, games can also be fun and low-key wedding activities where the guests sit at their tables and get a chance to get to know each other better.

Games can also be played between courses during the wedding dinner or later at night when the dance party begins.

I hope you find the list of wedding reception games helpful and that some suit the wedding you’re planning. Good luck!